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i wish we’d all been ready

What do you do to relax? Some people build old wooden ships in a bottle. I record a DC Talk cover from the 90s.

Don’t judge.

Featuring: a larrivee 6-string, a dot deluxe hollow body, piano, some synth, a cajon & some other stuff.

And none of that canned loop nonsense.

lessons Chuck Bear learned last weekend

These are just a few of the lessons Chuck Bear learned last weekend from his nice Aunt Rachel and his weird Uncle Josh. Can you guess which relative offered what advice? And can you tell that Sarah, Rachel and Josh just might be siblings?

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chuck bear meets grandpa mike

Chuck Bear loves visitors. This weekend, he finally met Grandpa Mike. I they’ll get along just fine.

how to eventually build a shelf

The Internet helped me pick the stain color for my DIY shelf...But things didn't quite turn out like I planned.

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Two Months and We Can’t “Bear” It

It's official – Chuck Bear is two months old. We can't handle all the cuteness ourselves. We have to share. So prepare to "Bear" the incredible cuteness. And a Brown Dog photo bomb.

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The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You (and that’s not supposed to be creepy at all)

Joshua earned his doctorate in a way that has something to do with robots and lasers or something. He and his robot army are very proud of Joshua. And so are we.

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Olympic Rings (tone)

You, my friend, deserve to wake up tomorrow feeling like a champion. Like me.

That’s why you need to download my Olympics-ish sounding iphone ringtone and install it on your phone.

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