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easter with chuck bear

Sarah managed to fit three of Charles’ favorite things in his Easter basket. And I managed to snap a few photos.

Charles loves ducks, balls, and books. You can see the delight and curiosity on his face as he explores his Easter basket.

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Bear & Brown Dream

Just for the heck of it, I’ve been doodling around with cartoons of our 4 year old Chocolate Lab, Brown Dog, and our 1 year old human baby, Chuck Bear.

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j plus j equals christmas

When you’re looking through the view finder, what you see is only the start of what you get....You start with a good photo. But much of the magic – and many of the decisions – happen at the edit desk.

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Chuck Bear Visits the Farm

There comes a time in every young man’s life when he must put on a flannel shirt and bear overalls and meet his first pumpkin. For Charles, that time was a sunny day at a local farm with Sarah and Grandma and Grandpa Wildman.

And, of course, Sarah brought the camera along for this day of firsts.

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Clever and Lazy is Best

“I divide my officers into four classes; the clever, the lazy, the industrious, and the stupid. Each officer possesses at least two of these qualities. Those who are clever and industrious are fitted for the highest staff appointments. Use can be made of those who are stupid and lazy. The man who is clever and lazy however is for the very highest command; he has the temperament and nerves to deal with all situations. But whoever is stupid and industrious is a menace and must be removed immediately!”
— General Kurt von Hammerstein-Equord

the blue bear pants

What’s cuter than Chuck Bear? Chuck Bear wearing his blue overalls with the bear patch on the front. Our little teddy bear is already 8 months old and as spirited as ever.


chuck bear’s first bite

Sarah decides it’s time for Charles to have his first taste of solid food.

Before we feed him this avocado, let’s make our bold predictions about how Chuck Bear will react to his first bite.

Sarah: He’s been curious about food and been watching us eat more and more. I think he’s ready. He’s going to love this avocado and chomp it down like a champ. I’ve been wanting to let him try solid food for a week and you’ve been putting it off. He’s gonna to love it.

Owen: I have been putting it off because I’m guessing we’re going to see tears. He’s going to put a foreign object in his mouth, it will taste strong to him, and he’s going to scrunch up his face and let out a howl.

Ok. Now, let’s see what happens….




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