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3 Reasons Why We’re Seeing More Bad News Than Ever

The silent, subtle manipulation happening on your social media feeds, timelines, and TV.


Bear & Brown Dream

Just for the heck of it, I’ve been doodling around with cartoons of our 4 year old Chocolate Lab, Brown Dog, and our 1 year […]

Listen Up! Elevator podcast is here.

Putting this podcast out there feels a lot like standing on a high dive platform looking down past my toes at an ice cold pool.

I’m taking the plunge.

The Parable of the Poet

A young man dreamed of becoming a great poet. Day after day he put his pen to paper. Day after day he was unsatisfied with the […]

Mark Twain: The Law of Narrative

Someday – when I’m brave enough – I’ll write like Mark Twain. He manages to be sparse yet fully furnished. Like a minimalist home with […]

Can you tell if someone’s smart by just talking to them?

I was cruising Quora recently and came across this interesting question: How does one determine the level of intelligence of a person based solely on […]

gratitude & my worst shower ever

The sleazy midwest motel. The African safe house. Or the Idaho “cabin.” Replacing my bathroom shower head this weekend got me thinking about which venue […]