Listen Up! Elevator podcast is here.

Putting this podcast out there feels a lot like standing on a high dive platform looking down past my toes at an ice cold pool.

I’m taking the plunge.

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Something Shiny…Something New

It’s Valentine’s Day…and time to take Sarah out for her first date sans Chuck Bear. Thanks to baby sitting services from Nana, Sarah and I go out for lunch. But not before a few photos with our new little Romeo. And, of course, Sarah needed a shiny something to wear.  

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Hebrews: A Companion Guide

Hebrews: A Companion Guide Click to read & download   From my other blog: Easter is a fun and meaningful holiday. It’s a time to enjoy the emergence of Spring and celebrate with family and friends. Easter also marks a day we set aside to reflect on Christ’s death and rejoice at his resurrection. But,…

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