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McReps & McDems Alike Should Cry at Bayh’s Goodbye

Cooler heads in Congress head for the exits. Wow, the current administration and Congress are even too liberal for members of their own party. Sen. […]

What’s your Life Clock say? Check the time on the Life Clock Calculator

Do you know what time it is? I’m not talking about checking your watch for how many hours and minutes that have passed in this […]

A married bachelor’s 10-step, fool-proof plan

There comes a time in every married man’s life when he must relive his past. I’m not talking about a mid-life crisis or a counseling […]

GoWild: How to Turn Yourself into a Font for Free

UPDATE 08/2011: This service is not longer free. It’s $10 to create your font. Still, not bad if you are a font nerd like me. […]

5 Big Pigs

By now, you’re either sick with or sick of the swine flu.  As media outlets pigs out on the fear frenzy inspired by the whopping […]