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3 lessons from my first Uber ride & how I escaped the surge

All the cool kids are using Uber these days. I gave it a whirl in Chicago this week. Despite one big uber gotcha that almost cost me 100 bucks (yeah, $100), it worked like a charm. Here’s how I wiggled into and back out of that hundred-dollar Uber mistake — and a few other lessons I learned as an Uber n00b.


Variable Depth of Field Photos

If you could focus this WildDog photo, how would you do it? You make the call! Step behind the camera with these interactive images.

You wanna fight?

WildDog, ready to throw down for a serious play fight after I made him chase a rock. Later, he would get mud in my shorts.

Learning by the Foot

Making a bulletin board is a lot of work. But, when that bulletin board is 24 feet long and covers 130 square feet, it’s a […]

bill allen memorial

Getting my disc on a Bill Allen Memorial DGC in The Colony. Click on the map to see photos and more….

A “grape” time in Grapevine

When you think “Grapevine, Texas” $900 ceramic clown clocks and costumed skeletons aren’t what come to mind.

GoWild: Disc Golf in McKinney

Today, Sarah and I made an important discovery: There is more in this universe than meetings and computer screens. Things like sunshine. Trees. Creeks. And […]