3 lessons from my first Uber ride & how I escaped the surge

All the cool kids are using Uber these days. I gave it a whirl in Chicago this week. Despite one big uber gotcha that almost cost me 100 bucks (yeah, $100), it worked like a charm. Here’s how I wiggled into and back out of that hundred-dollar Uber mistake — and a few other lessons I learned as an Uber n00b.

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iPad goes to school

Taking nerdiness to new levels, I’m trying out a new gadget to turn my ipad into a mini-laptop. Why? Because it’s smaller and lighter weight than my vintage MacBook… And, because it’s awesome. The keyboard / case combo I’m using is a gadget by Clamcase. With its bluetooth keyboard and snug-n-sturdy fit with the ipad,…

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A Polarizing Kit Addition

  The brave new world of DSLR video often presents unexpected challenges. Assembling a workable kit usually involves identifying the “gotchas” of shooting video with a camera designed primarily for capturing stills, then hunting down gadgets that solve those pesky problems. The result can become a tangled mess of wires, adapters, gears, cables, and attachments.…

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