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chuck bear’s first bite

Sarah decides it’s time for Charles to have his first taste of solid food. Before we feed him this avocado, let’s make our bold predictions […]

The Brown Meets the Bear

One of the things we were most curious and anxious about when we brought Charles (aka Chuck Bear) home from the hospital was how The […]

video: twin endangered fox pups won’t leave me alone

Do you like close up footage of tiny, fuzzy, adorable endangered species in the wild? Then this is the video for you. No larger than […]

going off the grid

Next week I’m going camping. And not the Texas variety of camping where you stay in a cabin and everyone thinks it’s “rustic” because there’s […]

Backyard Sports Science

The Brown has decided he loves to catch frisbees. We break it down with a little Backyard Sports Science. [vimeo w=500]

Shooting Macro on a Budget

Sometimes you’ve just got a fever and there’s only one cure: More macro. And if you want those delicious, detail-rich extreme close ups you can end […]

Live Blogging the Morrison Williams Wedding

Sarah and I are out in East Texas for the Morrison Williams wedding. I know many of you wish you could be here with us, […]