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Welcome to my personal blog. It's where I put stuff about my life as a husband, dad & pastor. I dabble in photography, video, travel, outdoor adventures, and social sciences, too.

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From Tweet Street

video: twin endangered fox pups won’t leave me alone

Do you like close up footage of tiny, fuzzy, adorable endangered species in the wild? Then this is the video for you.

No larger than a kitten, these two curious San Miguel Island fox pups gambled into camp during a recent camping trip out to the rugged and remote San Miguel Island. Growing up far from the influence of people, these baby foxes  don’t know that humans are supposed to be scary….Until their mother shows up and teaches them a lesson.

First, the more outgoing of the pair finds my strategically placed Gopro camera and moves in to investigate. Then, both fox pups move in to check me out and nibble

curious fox pups

at my feet. They have the most fun with my brother’s shoes. Probably shouldn’t have let them keep gnawing at the shoes….Sorry bro.

San Miguel Island foxes are a unique species of fox that only lives on this small island in the Pacific. Limited to just a handful of breeding pairs less than 10 years ago, there are now about 400 San Miguel Island foxes roaming their island home in Channel Islands National Park off the coast of California.

The San Miguel fox is very similar — but distinct — from their neighbors, the Santa Rosa Island fox.

It may not be very manly to say it, but these little things are darn cute.

One comment on “video: twin endangered fox pups won’t leave me alone

  1. zebandiris says:

    Fun video! They are super cute. Thanks for sharing!

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