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3 lessons from my first Uber ride & how I escaped the surge

All the cool kids are using Uber these days. I gave it a whirl in Chicago this week. Despite one big uber gotcha that almost cost me 100 bucks (yeah, $100), it worked like a charm. Here’s how I wiggled into and back out of that hundred-dollar Uber mistake — and a few other lessons I learned as an Uber n00b.


A Few Nuggets from Nawlins

To watch a man go where few have gone, I went to a place I’d never been. The man’s name is Roland. The place? New Orleans.

The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You (and that’s not supposed to be creepy at all)

Joshua earned his doctorate in a way that has something to do with robots and lasers or something. He and his robot army are very proud of Joshua. And so are we.

video: twin endangered fox pups won’t leave me alone

Do you like close up footage of tiny, fuzzy, adorable endangered species in the wild? Then this is the video for you. No larger than […]

what it’s like to stand in the middle of a massive corn field

So, here’s my take on what it’s like to stand in the middle of a massive corn field. I’ve had a couple of “wilderness experiences” […]

going off the grid

Next week I’m going camping. And not the Texas variety of camping where you stay in a cabin and everyone thinks it’s “rustic” because there’s […]

Variable Depth of Field Photos

If you could focus this WildDog photo, how would you do it? You make the call! Step behind the camera with these interactive images.