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The Parable of the Poet

A young man dreamed of becoming a great poet. Day after day he put his pen to paper. Day after day he was unsatisfied with the […]

That’s just my box talking: theology and creativity

Practically speaking, a lot of Christians think of theology like a box. They think it forms the walls and lid for our minds and souls. […]

dim windows

This life’s dim windows of the soul / Distorts the heavens from pole to pole / And leads you to believe a lie / When you see with, […]

Ira Glass on Creativity

One of my old school buddies passed this Ira Glass quote along to me. I found it inspiring, so I thought I’d share: “All of […]

The Cheap Cabinet Blues

Things have been a little stressful around here, so last weekend we decided it was time for some art therapy. We found this old Ethan […]

Snow: The Vocal Edition

A while back, I posted a little musical mix called, “Snow.” Well, here’s a little update on that. It’s the vocal edition, complete with lyrics. […]

What snow in the city sounds like to me

So, when I have a snow day crazy things can happen. Garageband things. Looking out at all those fluffy flakes floating down inspired me to […]