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A book about a book about me?

If I were to write a book someday — I mean a work of fiction — I know what I would write. It would be […]


A 70 degree Thanksgiving weekend followed by a chilly snow? Now I’m even more confused about climate change. Can we install a climate change switch? […]

30 miles of desert

I’m back on the mainland after three days on the Channel Islands off the California cost. Lots of excellent hiking on isolated shores brought relaxation […]

Gear up in ventura

From here, it’s a 4 hour ferry ride to the island. There’s a hurricane moving up the coast, so the seas are too rough to […]

Sunset in Santa Barbara

Today: Beach, a Benz, Westmont College and old friends in Santa B. Tomorrow: A 730am shove off from the Ventura dock and a 4 hour […]

Sunrise over phoenix

It’s back to where it all started for me this morning — Phoenix, AZ. The sun rises over my beloved Valley of the Sun. Here’s […]

an island adventure

It’s time to pull the backpack and camping gear out of storage, lace up the hiking boots, and wrap the camera in waterproof plastic. Adventure […]