3 Reasons Why We’re Seeing More Bad News Than Ever

The silent, subtle manipulation happening on your social media feeds, timelines, and TV.

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First class upgrade + an evangelical; just did. He’s too cool to see some telephoto shots.

According to analysis by That Could Be My Next Tweet, this could be what I post to twitter next. The website uses an algorithm  to spot common topics and word choices. Most of the hypothetical tweets generated are drunk-bird-chirping nonsense. But once in a while, there’s a gem. The tool also helps you see the kind of topics you talk about most.

Twitter now has tweets!

We’ve had a guest on our balcony for the past week. She flew in last Friday, and we named her “Twitter.” Well, Twitter has some little “tweets” today in her nest. She’s amazingly trusting of us, letting us get close enough to snap some pictures!

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