Funny story. We were working on this resource promo video for a wall calendar called “The Dawn of a Church Awakening.” And the name of the music pastor at our church is named Don. And he’s like 65. And he’s obsessed with Baroque music.

During the production process, I told Sarah that I was working on the “Dawn” calendar.

“What?” she said. “Who in the world is going to want that on their wall?”
“What do you mean? It’s nice. It has nice pictures…quotes from Chuck…people like that stuff.”
She wrinkled her nose: “There is no way I’d want 12 big, glossy photos of Don on hanging up in my house!”
“Ok, then just think of them as sunsets instead,” I offered. “Don’t you like sunsets?”
Horror turned relief. “Oh, ‘Dawnnot ‘Don‘! Wow, I was picturing Don draped over a harpsichord with flowers and candles or something.”
“No, sweetheart…It’s not that kind of calendar shoot.”

Once in a while, it’s fun to give you a peak at a recent project from IFL. This one is a resource promo for our 2011 wall calendar.

I’m really enjoying working with the DSLR format because it let’s me think like a photographer.

Disclosure: I am an IFL employee, but I’m sharing this video of my own free will for illustrative purposes only.

Posted by:Wildman

Husband. Dad. Pastor. I like to capture moments, pull their threads, and see what unravels. Lead well, read well, think well. And grace. Lots of grace.

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