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Listen Up! Elevator podcast is here.

Putting this podcast out there feels a lot like standing on a high dive platform looking down past my toes at an ice cold pool.

I’m taking the plunge.


i wish we’d all been ready

What do you do to relax? Some people build old wooden ships in a bottle. I record a DC Talk cover from the 90s. Don’t […]

Olympic Rings (tone)

You, my friend, deserve to wake up tomorrow feeling like a champion. Like me. That’s why you need to download my Olympics-ish sounding iphone ringtone […]

squirrel snake rodeo

A good friend sent me an email today: Owen, I am going to need an electric ukelele song about this pic…STAT! Signed, xoxoxo P.S. You […]

somewhere over that rainbow

To all my sad, sad friends…. Here’s some ukulele therapy from yours truly to cheer up those post-election “blues”…

Live Blogging the Morrison Williams Wedding

Sarah and I are out in East Texas for the Morrison Williams wedding. I know many of you wish you could be here with us, […]

just as i am

A couple of vocals, a guitar, a banjo, a djembe, and a jar of candy sprinkles. My take on an old hymn.