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Lab-or Day

With a day off, we decided to put WildDog to work on Labor Day. Or, as we call it, “Lab-or Day.” He’s got a way […]

Two Hours, Five Minutes, Forty-three Seconds

Adorable puppy…or cold-blooded killer? See the timeline for yourself and decide….

Weekends with WildDog

Check out Lewis as he celebrates reaching the 6 month / 60 pound mark by showing off his new “catch” skills. This dog is pretty […]

Caught on Tape!

Our hidden cameras catch WildDog’s late-night destructive rampage. No plush toy is safe!      

six months of chocolate

WildDog turns 6 months old this week. He celebrated by eating a camera battery and my very good sennheiser studio reference head phones. It was […]

4 months, 40 pounds

Lewis is packing on the pounds at a clip of 10 per month. As you can see, he takes everything very seriously — including his […]

you dirty dog

Playtime comes with a soapy price…