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snow monkey

Chuck Bear is three weeks old today. He’s always in motion. Even when he’s asleep, some little part of him is wriggling – a hand, […]

The Brown Meets the Bear

One of the things we were most curious and anxious about when we brought Charles (aka Chuck Bear) home from the hospital was how The […]

Backyard Sports Science

The Brown has decided he loves to catch frisbees. We break it down with a little Backyard Sports Science. [vimeo https://vimeo.com/61312430 w=500]

WildDog at Work: A Ruff Day with IKEA

Why put together one large IKEA bookshelf when you can assemble four of them? Luckily, WildDog was on hand to supervise.

The Brown and the White

It didn’t take long. The Brown soon realized that the white powder falling from the sky was just another state of his favorite substance – […]

ruff life

It’s Wednesday. Thought we could all use some chocolate…. It ain’t easy being The Brown.

trigger happy

In which I gush about our new wireless flash trigger…. And WildDog won’t stay out from underfoot as I shoot, so he gets the wirelessly […]