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Owen Wildman

Hi, I’m Wildman. These are my WildThoughts

Welcome to my personal blog. It's where I put stuff about my life as a husband, dad & pastor. I dabble in photography, video, travel, outdoor adventures, and social sciences, too.

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Recent Thoughts

From Tweet Street

It didn’t take long. The Brown soon realized that the white powder falling from the sky was just another state of his favorite substance – water.

A Lab. His bone. And a flurry of snow.

It’s time for you to rearrange your priorities. Drop what you’re doing and immerse yourself in the The Brown and the White.

Hello. This line is a useless spacer. And you found it, you clever rascal. 

One comment on “The Brown and the White

  1. mickcgorman says:

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful dog. 🙂

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