3 Reasons Why We’re Seeing More Bad News Than Ever

The silent, subtle manipulation happening on your social media feeds, timelines, and TV.

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How do I Judge Thee?

Let me count the ways. One. That’s all. Just one. I do not judge a person based on race. I do not judge a person based on economic status, gender, nationality, or religion. I judge a person based on one factor and one factor only: Interestingness. If you’re not unique, engaging, original, experienced, reflective, charming,…

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IcePocalypse Top 10

Show me the show! It’s day 4 of IcePocalypse 2011, and we haven’t left our apartment in 87 hours. While most people are suffering from cabin fever, here are 10 reasons why we’re keeping it cool under this Texas-sided blanket of ice. Four days of Sarah’s undivided attention. Two words: JUDGE JUDY. Acting super excited…

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