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easter with chuck bear

Sarah managed to fit three of Charles’ favorite things in his Easter basket. And I managed to snap a few photos. Charles loves ducks, balls, […]

turn an old drawer into a photo display

Take a cute baby and add a handy iphone that’s always in your pocket. The result? Lots and lots of photos. What to do with […]

Chuck Bear Meets the Family

Chuck Bear meets Nana, Grandpa Owen, and Uncle Levi for the first time. Levi had never held a baby before, but he could have fooled […]

Chuck Bear Therapy

Sometimes, you just need to look at a photo of a cute baby, take a deep breath, and remember that everything is going to be […]

snow monkey

Chuck Bear is three weeks old today. He’s always in motion. Even when he’s asleep, some little part of him is wriggling – a hand, […]

Sorry, WildDog.

Move over, WildDog…. a new pup’s coming to town!

going off the grid

Next week I’m going camping. And not the Texas variety of camping where you stay in a cabin and everyone thinks it’s “rustic” because there’s […]