Take a cute baby and add a handy iphone that’s always in your pocket. The result? Lots and lots of photos. What to do with all those photos? It’s a question this old drawer is helping us solve.

See, I’m lazy. So whatever process I put in place to handle this growing collection of digital photos needed to be simple enough that I’d actually follow through and do it – and visually interesting enough that we’d enjoy the result.

One option is to come up with a fancy digital work flow to catalogue the photos and buy storage too keep them while staying current enough to periodically transfer the digital darlings to future formats as the current ones become obsolete.

Going Analog

I decided to go another route. Analog. Yep. Print ’em and hang ’em.

Printing. There’s an app for that. I like one called Postal Pix. They take Paypal and they only cost about $0.40 per print and will send you nice quality prints delivered lovingly by snails.

The Photo Drawer

Displaying them? That’s where the old drawer comes in. Do a bit of measuring, drilling and attaching of some screw hooks and this reclaimed drawer becomes a quirky grid for hanging your prints. There’s plenty of room on the hooks to hang multiple photos on each one. It’s a growing collection of photos of our growing little man.

A grommet punch lets each photo hang by a durable metal eyelet. I keep the supplies handy. So when a little packet of photos arrives (thank you, kind snail), I punch the hole and hang them up. Easy.

Now I know why cavemen used to print their photos on paper and hang them on their cave walls. It’s so satisfying to hold a little bit of cuteness in your hands.

Posted by:Wildman

Husband. Dad. Pastor. I like to capture moments, pull their threads, and see what unravels. Lead well, read well, think well. And grace. Lots of grace.

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