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turn an old drawer into a photo display

Take a cute baby and add a handy iphone that’s always in your pocket. The result? Lots and lots of photos. What to do with […]

how to eventually build a shelf

The Internet helped me pick the stain color for my DIY shelf…But things didn’t quite turn out like I planned.

the new, old, “old” mirror

It’s new because I just made it. It’s old because we ripped it out of our downstairs bathroom. And it’s “old” because it’s been through […]

blue no more

There’s nothing like the threat of out-of-town guests to motivate you to get the guest room set up. A new peaceful paint scheme turned this […]

There’s a Door on the Wall

Ever take a door to the car wash? That’s ok. Me neither. Until yesterday. But sometimes, when you what to hang a door on the wall, […]

Almost Floored

Day one of our new home refurb and we’re making progress! The carpet’s gone and the vinyl is next…View the interactive panorama here. At the […]

easter crosses

an Easter song

Instead of being productive with my Good Friday off of work like I should have been, I messed around and made this song. I had […]