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chuck & the truck magnets

Sarah made the discovery of the week when she scored these truck and airplane magnets.


j plus j equals christmas

Originally posted on pixelology:
When you’re looking through the view finder, what you see is only the start of what you get. The prints from…

turn an old drawer into a photo display

Take a cute baby and add a handy iphone that’s always in your pocket. The result? Lots and lots of photos. What to do with […]

Variable Depth of Field Photos

If you could focus this WildDog photo, how would you do it? You make the call! Step behind the camera with these interactive images.

Shooting Macro on a Budget

Sometimes you’ve just got a fever and there’s only one cure: More macro. And if you want those delicious, detail-rich extreme close ups you can end […]

trigger happy

In which I gush about our new wireless flash trigger…. And WildDog won’t stay out from underfoot as I shoot, so he gets the wirelessly […]

Taking a photo to the next dimension with Vanishing Point

Photos are great, but they’re also flat. Two dimensional. And sometimes 2 “Ds” just aren’t enough. That’s when you need 3D. Today I stumbled on […]