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GoPro Blurfix Mod

After trying out my GoPro Hero 2, I was immediately impressed with the flexibility and image quality of the tiny video camera. Except for one […]

Taking a photo to the next dimension with Vanishing Point

Photos are great, but they’re also flat. Two dimensional. And sometimes 2 “Ds” just aren’t enough. That’s when you need 3D. Today I stumbled on […]

Tripping out on TripColor

TripColor is a nifty, new iPhone app being featured in the App Store. And, I’m being featured by them. So, in a strange way, Steve […]

ink black spaghetti

Why is his pasta black? And what are those small chewy bits? Watch as Eric discovers two unexpected ingredients in this Venetian delicacy as we dine […]

Review: Brushes for iPhone

Brushes is an art creation app that lets you craft multi-layered paintings or drawings on your iphone. Everything from quick diagrams to print-ready art — […]

Wildman reviews Scott Turow’s “Innocent” for thefish.com

Remember a time before Law and Order, Pelican Brief, or even John Grisham? Me neither. But Scott Turow remembers the world before Tom Cruise and […]

Wildman Reviews Dekker’s Latest for thefish.com

In “The Bride Collector,” Best-selling author Ted Dekker explores the line between genius and insanity through the eyes of a brilliant serial killer who thinks […]