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Bear & Bunny Do Easter

Last year, Chuck Bear wasn’t quite old enough to understand that those colorful eggs in the yard are worth looking for. This year things are different.


Grandma’s Two Wild Boys

With Grandma Laurel around, there have been many more smiles than there would have been as we’ve welcomed little Edward to the world.

Where we all meet Edward

Ladies and gentlemen, we are happy to introduce…. Edward Michael. A handsome little man born Feb. 28. Edward is 7lb., 4oz. of good-natured cuteness.

chuck & the truck magnets

Sarah made the discovery of the week when she scored these truck and airplane magnets.

j plus j equals christmas

Originally posted on pixelology:
When you’re looking through the view finder, what you see is only the start of what you get. The prints from…

Surf’s Up!

What’s up with me this week? Surf. That’s what’s up. Right now, I’m on a bus with these people. And after that, I’m spending a […]

Free Range Chocolate

About three days a year, Texas charms you with weather so perfect it charms you into forgetting the months of ice storms, tornados, and stifling humidity. Today […]