Who doesn’t like the hit TV show, Lost? And who hasn’t wished for a pallet of Dharma rations to drop out of the sky? Dharma goody paradrops may be pie-in-the-sky dreaming. But Dharma printing? Now that, you can do.

When your sweet tooth craves a Dharma initiative chocolate bar and you want to wash it down with a refreshing gulp of Dharma bottled water, here’s the simple recipe:

  1. Rummage around your pantry for survival essentials.
  2. Visit this website and print out Dharma labels.
  3. Wrap those labels around your collected foodstuffs.

Presto! Dharma Delight.

Or, for even more creativity download this Dharma font. It’s equipped with a wide selection of Dharma logos for all your survival needs. Coffee, anyone?

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Posted by:Wildman

Husband. Dad. Pastor. I like to capture moments, pull their threads, and see what unravels. Lead well, read well, think well. And grace. Lots of grace.

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