Read this article from Fortune about Conan O’Brian’s use of new media, and we’ll talk about it later.

Posted by:Wildman

Husband. Dad. Pastor. I like to capture moments, pull their threads, and see what unravels. Lead well, read well, think well. And grace. Lots of grace.

3 replies on “Coco Power

  1. Definitely time to start rethinking how we do media. Conan’s changing for the show based on the tweets coming in is something that is going to be build on in live television I feel (if they expect X and Y-ers to keep viewing).

    Thanks for pointing that out. Good thoughts and allowed me to feel good about skipping homework as it was relevant to my life.

  2. What can I say? I’m an enabler. 🙂

    To me, one of the most interesting things about new media is how no ministry, organization, or company is allowed to be media neutral any more.

    Our generation expects interactivity. The outfits that provide ways to interact are perceived to be more open, friendly, approachable, and relevant. The outfits that have not taken advantage of new media seem aloof, disinterested, and irrelevant.

    5 years ago, new media added a cool factor to adopters. Now, if you’re not reaching out and making yourself interactive — that new media apathy contributes to negative perceptions. Do nothing and you lose ground.

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