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Owen Wildman

Hi, I’m Wildman. These are my WildThoughts

Welcome to my personal blog. It's where I put stuff about my life as a husband, dad & pastor. I dabble in photography, video, travel, outdoor adventures, and social sciences, too.

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Recent Thoughts

From Tweet Street

Lewis takes Sarah to Broken Bow Lake for Thanksgiving.

It started out as, “Sarah takes Lewis to the lake.” But at 90 lbs., Lewis, as usual, did most of the taking. [photos on the flip side]

They ran in the mountains, splashed in a creek, ate crunchy leaves, and gnawed sticks.

It was a good time.

6 comments on “a girl and her dog

  1. Sarah D says:

    Love the photos, but have to clarify that “*Lewis*… splashed in a creek, ate crunchy leaves, and gnawed sticks.” *Sarah* ran in the mountains. I used to be a vegetarian, but I haven’t resorted to eating the forest…yet.

    1. Wildman says:

      That’s true. Sarah didn’t eat the leaves, she just decorated with them.

  2. Nikki says:

    Lewis is definitely smiling in some of these photos. Looks like y’all had a lot of fun!

    1. Wildman says:

      He LOVED the woods. I think Lewis has been a little depressed since we’ve been back the the grey ol’ city. No creeks or leaves around here… 😦

      1. Nikki says:

        Poor Lewis!

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