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Owen Wildman

Hi, I’m Wildman. These are my WildThoughts

Welcome to my personal blog. It's where I put stuff about my life as a husband, dad & pastor. I dabble in photography, video, travel, outdoor adventures, and social sciences, too.

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Recent Thoughts

From Tweet Street

An old prospector scratches out a golden treasure from California’s Mojave Desert and stores his loot in some mason jars. That’s the story I’m trying to tell….

And trying to tell that story has me on a little hunt for some treasure of my own. But the loot I’m after isn’t the shiny kind.

Nope — it’s the rusty kind.

Just a few more finishing touches and I should have enough visual interest for a nifty little historic photo vignette. That’s great way to handle the need for historic footage when you can’t afford / don’t want to mess around with a reinactment and you don’t have the rights / budget for any archival material.

While the old  saying “all that glimmers isn’t gold” may be true…. In this case the gold doesn’t glimmer at all.

Gold, I tell you. Gold.

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