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Chuck Bear Meets Some Friends

We’re heading home from the hospital today but not before Charles enjoyed a steady stream of visitors, lots of time with Sarah, and time with […]

Hello, Charles

We’re happy to announce the arrival of Charles Owen at 4:13am! He’s a very talkative little guy who weighs in at 6 pounds, 15 ounces […]

Sorry, WildDog.

Move over, WildDog…. a new pup’s coming to town!

Rusty Gold

An old prospector scratches out a golden treasure from California’s Mojave Desert and stores his loot in some mason jars. That’s the story I’m trying […]

thanksgiving at the cabin

Sometimes, thankfulness is an emotion. Other times, thankfulness is an act of the will. This year, I’m glad to say it’s the former. We celebrated […]

a girl and her dog

Lewis takes Sarah to Broken Bow Lake for Thanksgiving. It started out as, “Sarah takes Lewis to the lake.” But at 90 lbs., Lewis, as usual, did […]

How to wrap a blog

As Sarah learned last week, blogs can make great birthday presents — especially when dozens of sweet friends pitch in to make it a blog […]