Tag: sarah

worse before better

Sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better. We’ve been spending every spare moment for the past few weeks reworking the ground […]

swimming with the big dog

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a 100 lb. Lab launch himself off the shore in slow motion. Sarah and I take our new waterproof […]

take me home, country road

Odds are, this Christmas won’t be white. But, you can bet it’ll be Wild. WildDog, Sarah, and I are off on a big road trip […]

thanksgiving at the cabin

Sometimes, thankfulness is an emotion. Other times, thankfulness is an act of the will. This year, I’m glad to say it’s the former. We celebrated […]

How to wrap a blog

As Sarah learned last week, blogs can make great birthday presents — especially when dozens of sweet friends pitch in to make it a blog […]

Learning by the Foot

Making a bulletin board is a lot of work. But, when that bulletin board is 24 feet long and covers 130 square feet, it’s a […]

Weekends with WildDog

Check out Lewis as he celebrates reaching the 6 month / 60 pound mark by showing off his new “catch” skills. This dog is pretty […]